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About Us

On July 12, 1912, a group of men met at the grange hall in Farmington Falls to discuss the formation of an organization to be known as the Maine Central Produce Exchange.   Incorporation occurred during August with shares being held by several individuals and a governing body of seven directors and a manager.  
On December 4, 1917, a meeting was held at Drummond Hall to draw up a new set of bylaws and officially change the name of the organization to the Farmington Farmers Union.  The following year a committee formed to negotiate the purchase of land opposite of the J.H. Pratt Canning Factory on Front Street in Farmington.  The sale was completed on June 1, 1918 for the sum of $1,200.00 and construction of a new facility commenced.  
Goods were sold to the shareholders and non-shareholders alike, but a record of sales of the shareholders was kept.  At the end of the fiscal year the net profit remaining after all expense have been paid is divided among the shareholders on a pro rata basis on their purchases.  Today this processes still continues and makes Farmington Farmers Union unique to other stores.  


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